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Personalised PAT Labels 10/11/2021

Using Custom Labels for Small Businesses

If you’re looking for a label that lets you have absolute freedom of control, why not use custom labels? These are blank labels that can be printed with your own design in a range of different colours. If you’re a small business, personalised labels can really make your company stand out, so read on to find out how you could be using these products. Keep All the Information in One Place As well as putting a stamp on your products with your own custom label featuring your brand’s logo, it also... Read More


GHS Labelling Requirements

GHS stands for ‘Globally Harmonized System’ and refers to the use of hazard warning labels. At PAT Labels Online, we offer every GHS regulation warning diamond you could need, available for delivery directly to your door. Today we are going to focus on the requirements for these products, so your company can be confident that they comply with the OSHA HazCom 2012 Standard (Occupational Safety and Health Administration). Read on to find out what its communication standard is, the six elements of the label that is required and the use of such labels... Read More


Do Warning Labels Really Work?

When considering whether warning labels really work, we need to first consider how they are used and who uses them, in order to determine their effectiveness and outline how they can help. Today, we are going to explore this topic to see how well warning labels really work. How They Are Used Warning labels can inform everyone in the workplace of potential hazards, including visitors and product consumers. Each label from PAT Labels Online consists of a visual warning, made of a clear image that crosses language barriers, and to-the-point text to... Read More


Barcode Labels Versus QR Codes

Barcodes have been used since around the 1950s, and are used all over the world for a number of purposes. However, since the 2010s, QR codes have been growing in use as well, since their inception in the 1990s. Here at PAT Labels Online , we offer both barcode labels and QR code labels . Each operating a different system, today, we are going to compare each of these systems so that you can decide which you would like to employ in your workplace. What’s the Difference? A barcode is... Read More

How Can Barcode Labels Be Used?

Here at PAT Labels Online, we offer a wide variety of labels for a variety of purposes to clients throughout the whole of the UK. Our products are fantastic value, superior quality, and are usually ready for dispatch within 24hours of receiving your order. As part of our range of products, we can supply barcode labels. Suitable for a plethora of purposes, today we will be focussing on the use of barcode labels for blood spot cards as part of the NHS numbers for new-born screenings. What are Blood Spot... Read More

Personalised PAT Labels 21/09/2021

Custom/ Personalised Asset Labels

Here at PAT Labels Online, we offer a wide variety of labels for a range of purposes to clients throughout the whole of the UK. Our products are both excellent value and premium quality, and are usually ready for dispatch within 24 hours of receiving your order. As part of our range of products, we supply custom asset labels, stickers and tags. Read on to find out more about how this product can not only help your business operate more efficiently, but also help to strengthen your security systems. Their... Read More


GHS Regulation Labels

Here at PAT Labels Online, we offer customers a wide range of labels for different purposes. We pride ourselves on providing companies across the UK with a balance between affordability and high-quality labels, as well as a fast dispatch service, with orders sent out within 24 hours of receipt. Today, we are focussing our attention on GHS regulation labels, looking What are GHS Regulation Labels? GHS stands for the Globally Harmonised System, referring to the set of standards for providing chemical safety and hazard information. Since 2016, these regulations have... Read More


All About Barcode Labels

At PAT Labels Online, we offer customers a wide range of labels for various applications. We pride ourselves on offering companies across the UK a balance between value and high-quality tags, as well as our speedy dispatch service, with orders sent out within 24 hours of receipt. Today, we are focussing our attention on barcode labels, looking at how they can help you to have a successful supply chain, making your company more efficient as the print barcode labels play a part in the whole system. The First Step in... Read More


Personalised stickers – which ones are you looking for?

At PAT Labels Online we offer a sizeable product range to match every need. Operating across a multitude of sectors provides the opportunity to match a large variety of customers’ requirements. Some of the different environments which the consumers of PAT Labels Online work in include fire safety maintenance, electrical safety, PAT testing, and asset tagging. By purchasing stickers personalised with company details, along with testing information, our customers can manoeuvre more efficiently. Personalised bespoke stickers. With the bespoke stickers which we offer in both single and full colour, our... Read More


What are the different electrical warning stickers used for?

Electrical warning stickers are an important part of electrical safety. They are used to identify and warn people of potential electrical hazards. High voltage risks at home or in the workplace can be very dangerous and can cause serious injury or death. One key benefit from using yellow warning stickers is the prevention of accidents, through alerting people to the hazards and main dangers associated with the electrical currents, therefore, reminding them to take precautions. Some of the bestselling yellow warning labels available at PAT Labels Online are introduced and... Read More


What do the different gas safe warning labels mean?

Gas safe warning labels are used to show the status of gas-related appliances, furthermore, warn you against possible dangers. Safety in your home or workplace is of the upmost importance, therefore it is essential to stay up to date with gas testing. At PAT Labels Online, we offer a variety of gas safe stickers, which cover the different needs of gas testing across the necessary categories. WARNING DO NOT USE GAS SAFETY LABELS If an engineer finds a gas-related danger during testing, they are legally required to issue and display... Read More


The importance of using stickers for fire extinguishers correctly.

Regulations and Guidelines for Fire Extinguisher Stickers. Fire extinguisher stickers are not just a matter of aesthetics; they are subject to specific regulations and guidelines to ensure their effectiveness and compliance. Regulatory bodies, such as OSHA and NFPA (National Fire Protection Association), have established standards that must be followed when designing and placing stickers on fire extinguishers. One of the key requirements is that the stickers must be easily visible and legible from a reasonable distance. This ensures that individuals can quickly locate and understand the information provided on the... Read More


Introducing our new 5th Edition PAT testing department.

Our new 5th Edition PAT testing department has been added to the website with a range of 5th Edition labels which meet the current requirements for the code of practice which was introduced in September 2020. Similarly, to the previous editions of PAT testing, the new code of practice offers instructions and guidance on how to maintain electrical equipment, furthermore, on how to test it, to ensure it is fit for practice. A key change to the code, is the inclusion of fixed electrical equipment, as an addition to portable... Read More


We are very pleased to introduce our new sister eCommerce website StayMarked. Bringing a different sector into the online space, to ensure customers from different markets can capitalise on our impressive products and brilliant service. StayMarked‘s main focus is in the provision of Long Lasting, Durable Branded Products manufactured and printed on site from a range of materials such as moulded rigid plastic and Laminated Vinyl which customers use for a variety of different reasons. A good example of one of StayMarked’s products would be a Printed Shutter Badge, available... Read More


What is the best label material for your workplace?

Organisations are heterogeneous in nature, which means that the environments which they operate in, can vary significantly. It is essential that the correct materials are used, so the relevant information can be displayed accurately in the workplace to adhere to rules and regulations. Pat Labels Online has a range of different materials which can withstand the harshest of environments. Here are some of the different options available: Budget The budget material range at Pat Labels Online is the most popular choice for organisations, as the self-adhesive Matt PP can be... Read More


Is it essential for you to regularly inspect ladders in the workplace?

Organisations must manage the external environment to successfully operate. A key external force is the Government, which sets rules and regulations to ensure that employees are working in a safe manner. Using ladders within an organisation is deemed risky, therefore, it isvery importantto assess and monitor the safe use of them. When would a ladder be needed in the workplace? Ladders are used in situations at work where the employee needs to be operating at a higher level, such as managing stock on a high shelf in a warehouse, or... Read More


Some general inspection labels explained.

As the world continuously grows, and additional sectors are founded, business requirements also increase. As of 2023, there are approximately 11 sectors globally, which can be broken down into 50+ industries. To help these industries function correctly, the relevant regulations and safety measures need to be in place. As calibration, maintenance and servicing take place within organisations, there needs to be a record kept, which can be done through labelling. Pat Labels Online offers a wide range of general inspection labels, covering all major industries. Calibration record labels The operational... Read More