Here at PAT Labels Online, we offer a wide variety of labels for a variety of purposes to clients throughout the whole of the UK. Our products are fantastic value, superior quality, and are usually ready for dispatch within 24hours of receiving your order. As part of our range of products, we can supply barcode labels. Suitable for a plethora of purposes, today we will be focussing on the use of barcode labels for blood spot cards as part of the NHS numbers for new-born screenings.

What are Blood Spot Card Labels Used For?

Blood spot cards are used for the initial blood tests for new-born babies, which must be sent to NBS screening laboratories. The baby is given an NHS number, which is represented as a GS1-128 linear barcode, as well as a human-readable format on a sticky label. This enables midwives and laboratories to ensure that the correct labels are being attached to the NBS sample. They can also support management of the screening in the event of IT failures. The use of such labels save time and reduces errors on both the writing and reading stages. When scanned, the NHS number can be automatically captured from a global service relation number (GSRN), enabling its use within the screening process and to track babies throughout the screening care pathway. The process of identifying and tracking the progress of babies is vital in order to reduce the risk of babies going untested or not being tested in a timely manner.

What Information is Displayed?

As well as the NHS number information, the labels also contain basic birth and demographic information. The fields required for the NBS label is outlined in the ISB 1555 birth notifications specification. Necessary details not already mentioned include the name, birth date, sex, address, birth weight, ethnic category, mother’s name, birth date and NHS number, birth order and number of births in the confinement, gestation age, GP practice details, the delivery place name, and the date it was printed.

Barcode Labels at PAT Labels Online

Our custom barcode labels are stocked in a range of different sizes, and our budget range includes a mini size of 23mm x 25mm, a small size of 38mm x 20mm, a standard size of 49mm x 25mm, and a large size of 49mm x 79mm. Our printed barcode labels are supplied with a Code 39 barcode, complete with a matching serial number, starting with any number of your choice. Each is available in black, blue, green and red, with the larger sizes also having a yellow option. They are also available in silver and heavy-duty materials. As with our other products, they are made from a self-adhesive non-rip matt polypropylene.

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