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Barcode Labels

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At PAT Labels online, our products are second to none. We supply a range of affordable, durable and easy-to-use labels and stickers for your company, so you can make your life easier in the workplace. Our range of barcode labels and barcode tags are the perfect product for your company to use when doing PAT Testing on electrical items. Ensuring your equipment and machinery is safe is a good step towards maintaining an accident-free work environment; barcode PAT testing labels play a vital role in logging and tracking the testing history of your appliance or other electrical equipment, so with a quick scan you can see whether a piece of equipment needs testing in an instant on your digital database.

Our barcode tags and custom barcode labels come in a variety of sizes and colours depending on how you want to adorn your equipment; we also provide the option of adding your company name or logo, as well as contact number on some of our barcode PAT testing labels, making your appliances easy to identify should they be misplaced. Our prices start at £13.95 for a quantity of 500, rising to £24.95 for 100 of our higher-cost barcode labels. You can choose your label colour to suit your company brand, or if you want to differentiate different types of equipment as you look on from afar.

Ensuring you can keep an accurate log of PAT testing is vitally important to the health and safety of any company; our barcode tags and PAT testing labels are the perfect solution, allowing you to use a digital database to record your equipment’s testing status and, what’s more, some of our barcode labels have space to write in Auto Test Code, making your PAT testing even easier and faster. If you have any queries about any of our products, don’t hesitate to contact us directly and we will be sure to assist you however we can.