Barcodes have been used since around the 1950s, and are used all over the world for a number of purposes. However, since the 2010s, QR codes have been growing in use as well, since their inception in the 1990s. Here at PAT Labels Online , we offer both barcode labels and QR code labels . Each operating a different system, today, we are going to compare each of these systems so that you can decide which you would like to employ in your workplace.

What’s the Difference?

A barcode is a small, one-dimensional code that consists of a series of lines and spaces, which vary in thickness. This sequence represents numbers and other symbols and is readable by a machine. Although initially used in retail and industrial work environments, they can be used in any context that deems an identification system for different items for purposes such as inventory management. There are many different kinds of barcodes, including those that contain numeric digits only, as well as alpha-numeric variations. On the other hand, a QR code is a kind of two-dimensional barcode, which may also be known as a matrix code. Whilst ‘QR’ is a trademark name, it has been widely adopted as the way of referring to such codes. QR codes differ from traditional barcodes by storing information both horizontally and vertically, increasing the amount of information it can store.

The Advantages of Barcode Labels

Typically, barcodes are relatively cheap to run and offer an accurate inventory management system compared with manual alternatives. Their use means a faster and more efficient operating system, which can impact positively on the profitability of a company due to a reduction of manual labour costs, as well as an improvement of inventory control and speeding up the supply chain.

The Advantages of QR Code Labels

Even small custom QR code stickers can contain a range of information, including email addresses, names, product details, website URLs, dates, SMS messages, geolocation data, and plain text. The information is also more secure as information stored can be easily encrypted, allowing less room for error. They are thought to bridge the gap between the digital and physical worlds, as these days nearly 100% of mobile users have smartphones, which can scan QR codes.

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It is up to you to weigh up these advantages and decide which code is best for you. For more information about barcode or QR code labels, stickers and tags, or any other products, please complete our contact form , or email us at . You can also call us on 01325 525 675, and a member of our team will be glad to answer any question you may have for us.

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