At PAT Labels Online, we offer customers a wide range of labels for various applications. We pride ourselves on offering companies across the UK a balance between value and high-quality tags, as well as our speedy dispatch service, with orders sent out within 24 hours of receipt. Today, we are focussing our attention on barcode labels, looking at how they can help you to have a successful supply chain, making your company more efficient as the print barcode labels play a part in the whole system.

The First Step in Your Supply Chain

It all starts with a serial number and a barcode on a label as the first step to success with your supply chain. These labels can streamline warehouse processing, so your company can rise above competitors by providing the best level of service with a combination of speed and quality. Such tags can improve the efficiency in your warehouse and distribution centre operations, competing with e-commerce companies such as Amazon. UK businesses can benefit from barcode labels and tags in order to streamline the supply chain, taking the first step to success.

Improve Overall Efficiency

When dealing with the various operations of running a business, barcode labels can easily be looked over. Once you update your barcode system, you will be able to see how such a simple organisational task can hugely increase your company’s efficiency. Barcode printing labels are a worthy investment if you are still using 10-year-old labelling technology. By updating your old system, you are sure to see the results you desire in production.

Access All Areas

There are five main areas when it comes to creating barcode labels as part of the whole system. Barcode tags can be applied as soon as items arrive, enabling you to have a high level of accuracy when unloading and checking-in goods, including handling by automated processes. It’s also possible to generate stickers for picking, so that they can be scanned and sorted for shipment. Finished goods that are fully kitted, assembled, or packaged, can be labelled within the barcoding system for identification purposes. Shipping and returns barcode stickers can be used for custom-specific information, which are scanned when fulfilling orders, as well as for return shipping. Finally, barcode tags can be used for cross-docking so that time-sensitive or fast-moving items don’t take up unnecessary warehouse space, with labels completed inside the truck at the dock.

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