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GHS labels – also known as the Globally Harmonised System – are a system of symbols and identifiers that have been established across the world to warn people of any potential hazardous substances and outcomes in the vicinity. As the owner of a business, it is your responsibility to identify any potential risk factors within your premises and purchase GHS labels accordingly.

There are quite a few different GHS symbols, so it’s wise to do your research to ensure that you’re covering all bases with your label usage. One of the biggest risks in the workplace – especially if you own a company within the hospitality industry – is the potential for fire hazards, so be sure to purchase a number of flammable labels where appropriate.

Additionally, irritants are quite prevalent, especially when it comes to cleaning products. These can seriously injure your staff or visitors to your workplace – especially if they get in their eyes – so be sure you pick up this GHS label if required.

For areas where you may have containers of compressed gas, or other seriously explosive substances, be sure to pick up explosive GHS labels and compressed gas GHS labels. You don’t want your whole business to go up with a bang now, do you?

Contact us today here at PAT Labels Online, where our team will be on hand to ensure that you’ve properly kitted out your premises with the correct GHS labels for the hazards it may pose.

We’re happy to answer any questions you may have regarding GHS labels and – with over a decade in the industry – we definitely know a thing or two! Don’t leave your business or employees to chance: make sure you’re safeguarding with the purchase of GHS labels from PAT Labels Online today.