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QR Code Labels

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QR codes, for those who have never used them, are best thought of as ‘next-level’ barcodes.  Just as a barcode can be used to instruct a computer system to access certain data when scanned, so QR code stickers are used to store information and instructions in a physical form which can be quickly and efficiently accessed by optical devices.  They can be used for advertising, asset management, training and more.

The improvements which have led to the current proliferation of QR code labels are the increased amount of data which can be stored as opposed to traditional barcodes, and the sophistication and availability of compatible scanning devices.  Widely available apps make it possible for most smartphones or electronic devices with a camera and internet access to act as QR code scanners.  Meanwhile, the associated software makes it easy for users to view the wide range of information which can be stored in this format.  QR codes can encrypt information which can be displayed in many forms, but their most common use is to instruct the device to access a particular webpage.

By making strategic use of QR code stickers, UK firms across all sectors are engaging the public on a new level and getting their message across to potential customers more effectively than ever before.  Advertising posters, leaflets and flyers, product packaging – all these materials present opportunities to present the public with a QR code which will take them to your website.  Some manufacturers even attach small QR code stickers to the items themselves, to pass on information about product set up and usage, or to encourage customers to buy additional accessories or services.

The custom QR code stickers available from PAT Labels Online are made of the same high-quality materials as our other labels, and can be used to take your customers to any html you choose.  Contact us for more options.