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Serial Number Labels


Keeping stock of the products or pieces of equipment that you have in your inventory within a business can be a heavy task, so it’s important that you opt for the right steps – starting with the purchase of serial number labels to help with identification.

If you’re looking to create an inventory of all the equipment and belongings of your company – whether through a computer spreadsheet or a good old-fashioned logbook – having serials numbers assigned to each item makes it exponentially easier. This way, you don’t have to stress out about listing the exact details of the items that you’ve putting in the inventory, as some pieces of equipment may be the same model but different colours or ages – serial numbers eradicate this potential for confusion.

The serial number labels are available in an array of different sizes and colourways, making them easily identifiable. You can even purchase our standard size asset ID labels with the option to have your logo printed on the top, meaning that you’ll always be able to spot that it’s from your company. This is especially handy on any equipment that leaves the premises on a frequent basis, such as laptops.

For areas where your serial number labels may come into contact with extreme weather conditions or general wear and tear, we also supply a number of heavy duty serial number labels – made from reinforced materials – that will ensure that nobody tampers with your identifying stickers.

Contact us here at PAT Labels Online today to further discuss any of our serial number labels available on the site. If you’re unsure as to the correct type for your individual requirements, our team will be on hand to advise and ensure that you can create a secure inventory in no time.