When considering whether warning labels really work, we need to first consider how they are used and who uses them, in order to determine their effectiveness and outline how they can help. Today, we are going to explore this topic to see how well warning labels really work.

How They Are Used

Warning labels can inform everyone in the workplace of potential hazards, including visitors and product consumers. Each label from PAT Labels Online consists of a visual warning, made of a clear image that crosses language barriers, and to-the-point text to complement it. Displayed on a yellow background, it is sure to catch the attention of those passing by, or those handling the hazard source. Therefore, simply put, the purpose of this item is to attract attention to convey a message.

Who Uses Them

For some industries, safety warning signs are used in order to comply with government regulations, made in the interest of public safety. When used on products and packaging, warning labels help to inform consumers about potential hazards. Whilst this method of practice serves to protect the company from lawsuits, it’s important to consider the real-life impact on that which it is intended to serve, in terms of health and safety practices. Once someone views a warning label, it is then up to that individual whether they comply with the warning. The label must grab attention, so from their point, it has served its purpose.

How They Can Help

Warning labels can help those using the product or tool in numerous ways, with their effectiveness influenced by several factors. Firstly, it is important to catch the attention of the viewer, otherwise, it renders the whole practice pointless. This can be achieved through the use of bright colours such as the yellow we supply in this range. Research has shown that the inclusion of symbols increases the likelihood that the viewer will pay attention to the message it bestows. It has also been demonstrated that these labels do directly influence people’s behaviour; compliance with the warning is highest when it is easy to do. This increases when the person already has familiarity with the product. This information also indicates the importance of health and safety training in the workplace, in accordance with these labels.


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