Personalised stickers – which ones are you looking for?

At PAT Labels Online we offer a sizeable product range to match every need. Operating across a multitude of sectors provides the opportunity to match a large variety of customers’ requirements. Some of the different environments which the consumers of PAT Labels Online work in include fire safety maintenance, electrical safety, PAT testing, and asset tagging. By purchasing stickers personalised with company details, along with testing information, our customers can manoeuvre more efficiently.

Personalised bespoke stickers.

With the bespoke stickers which we offer in both single and full colour, our customers often request a label to be designed around their company branding. Our design team goes above and beyond to use the correct colour schemes, info graphics, and QR Codes to provide the customer with a detailed professional representation of their company. There are around 15 different sizes to choose from, so the labels can be used in many environments, from a plug top to a piece of industrial apparatus.

Pat Testing stickers.

Pat Testing stickers are a very popular choice for customisation. With electricians conducting a large quantity of pat tests during a specific job, it can add considerable time onto the job if they must fill in all the details on each label. The personalised electrical stickers can be printed with an asset number, which can ascend or descend, from any starting number required. This can also include a prefix or suffix, depending on the systems which the electricians are using in their business.

Dates can also be printed onto the Pat Testing labels, including exact dates, or just the month, or year, leaving room on the label for the engineers to quickly fill out the rest of the boxes. Printing a company name and contact number is an essential way of securing repeat business on an annual basis. These are usually printed in bold to stand out to the pat testers’ customers.

Personalised Fire safety stickers.

Pat Labels Online offers a large range of personalised fire safety labels which all meet industry standards for the maintenance of fire equipment. The relevant codes are on the fire extinguisher maintenance labels, however, at request these can be modified, for specific customer needs. As our store has continued to improve its fire safety department, we have introduced new types of industry required labels to our range, such as fire stopping, fire damper, and UKAS certified labels.

Asset stickers.

Customisable asset stickers are one of the best sellers on our website, as organisations implement inventory control systems. By offering customers a range of different sizes, designs, and flexibility with their stickers, we provide value to organisations across most industries. 

If you have any specific needs for any type of personalised stickers, you can contact out dedicated sales team to discuss your requirements. We go above and beyond every step of the ordering process to ensure customer satisfaction.

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