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Fire Extinguisher Maintenance Labels

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Fire Extinguisher Maintenance Labels

Fire safety checks are crucial in commercially owned properties such as workplaces, schools and rented accommodation. The checking of fire extinguishers is a crucial step within fire safety checks because of their proven ability to put out fires during their early stages and preventing the fire from spreading and causing widespread damage. As well as buildings being supplied with accessible fire extinguishers, it is also important that these fire extinguishers are properly and regularly maintained. On a regular basis, a qualified technician should carry out a thorough check on all extinguishers for any signs of damage or corrosion. During this check, the fire extinguisher should be fully serviced and certified. Once a fire extinguisher service has been carried out, the fire extinguisher should be marked with the appropriate fire extinguisher service labels to confirm that these checks have been carried out and to record the results.

Here at PAT Labels Online, we produce high quality and affordable fire extinguisher labels. Our fire extinguisher inspection labels are manufactured in-house, from our own uniquely developed Polygrip material. Polygrip is an extremely durable, non-rip synthetic with a very strong adhesive and is waterproof once applied making our labels extremely long lasting, guaranteed their durability in all environments. Our labels are also weatherproof, waterproof and easy to write on. All of our products are delivered in resealable blister packs to keep them well protected until use.


Here at PAT Labels Online, we are proud to be the leading UK supplier of PAT test labels. We also provide fast 24-hour dispatch on all of our products including our fire extinguisher stickers. Our team are always on hand to offer their expertise to our customers so please do not hesitate to get in contact with us and we will be happy to help provide more information on our products or services.