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Solar power has become part of our everyday lives, with wind turbines and solar panels widely used across the UK as an alternative form of generating energy. We all have to play our part in reducing the world’s carbon footprint by keeping the energy we use to a minimum. Here we take a look at the top 5 ways to use solar power in the home, from practical money saving solutions to fun quirky gadgets.

 5. Solar Panels

Installing solar panels in your home is an easy way to save money on your electricity bill and reduce the amount of energy you use. Solar panels are becoming a more widely used technology in homes across the UK and the energy created links back to the national grid. For more information on how to install solar panels in your home, read our earlier blog.

4. Solar Chargers

There are more electrical devices in our homes than ever before, from smartphones, tablets, E-readers, laptops and more. Charging all of these individual gadgets can run up a high electricity bill, which is why solar powered chargers are the perfect addition to any tech-lovers home. The chargers are compatible with a range of different devices by using changeable connectors and generate enough power from the sun to charge an iPhone for a full day or a games console for five hours.

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3. Solar Radio

We all enjoy listening to our favourite radio station while doing the cleaning, relaxing in the garden or cooking up a meal in the kitchen, but this can use hours of unnecessary electricity. A solution to this, as well as a worthwhile investment, is a solar powered radio. This particular model can run on solar energy from the sun and kinetic energy from winding it up, meaning you can listen to hours of tunes and not run up a single penny on your electricity bill.

2. Solar Powered Toys

Solar power doesn’t just have to be used for practical energy solutions, why not entertain the little ones with solar powered toys. There are a range of toys available including cars, helicopters, jumping frogs and more.

1. Solar Lights

Solar lights are available for inside and outside the house, some are used for decorative reasons but you can also get movement activated solar lights which are used for security. Obviously, solar powered lights are more effective outdoors where they are in constant contact with the sun, but there are also some great indoor solutions.

Always be aware that when using solar powered electrical devices, you should still take safety precautions. There are a range of solar power warning labels which should be used for solar panels, and as a responsible homeowner you should always check your devices are in good condition to avoid any unnecessary injury. If you have any doubts about any electrical or solar equipment in your home, ensure that they are PAT tested to assess whether they are safe to use.

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