picture of solar panels

Solar panels are becoming increasingly popular for home use as they are a way of generating electricity for free and can essentially save you money.

How Solar Panels Work

The way solar panels work is that they use sunlight to generate electricity by capturing the suns energy with special cells called photovoltaic cells. One common misconception of solar panels is that they need direct sunlight in order to generate electricity, but this is not the case. Even on a cloudy day solar panels are capable of harnessing some power from the sun but they do stop working during the night.

Solar Panel Prices

The power generated from the sun is then used to power household appliances and lights. Using the sun to generate solar power is free; however there is an installation fee which also needs to be taken in to account.

The average cost of a home solar panel is usually between £6,000 – £7,500. Although this does seem a lot the benefits of long term saving when it comes to producing energy needs to be considered. Electricity bills can be cut by as much as half when using solar panels so over a period of ten years the rewards in savings compared to the overall cost of the initial installation is greatly outweighed.

Free solar panel schemes

However if the initial installation fee is too much for you to pay there are other options to look at. Free solar panel schemes means the initial installation is free and you get to keep the free electricity which is generated to your home but the installation company gets to keep the feed-in tariff payments.

The feed-in tariff payment is when the government pay people money for generating their own electricity. So if you install your own solar panels you will get money for the electricity you generate but if you choose to use a free installation scheme the company will take this money for themselves.


Solar panels don’t need much maintenance but it is important to always be aware of overgrowing trees that could be blocking the panels receiving sunlight. They will also need cleaning from time to time with warm soapy water. If the panels are on a roof top or difficult to reach some window cleaning companies do offer a cleaning service.


The advantages of solar panels are:

  • Saves money on your electricity bills
  • Makes money back from the electricity you generate through the feed-in scheme
  • Reduce your carbon footprint as solar energy is green
  • If your system generates too much power than you can use, make money by selling it back to the grid
  • Solar energy will last forever whereas oil will eventually run out

picture of solar panels

Even though solar panels are expensive to be installed the saving opportunities are huge and they will go a great way in reducing the world’s carbon footprint. Remember to always seek professional advice when installing solar panels as they are an electrical device and do come with warnings.

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