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No one likes being told what to do, but sometimes the instructions we receive are in our own best interests!  The function of Mandatory Health and Safety Notice Labels is to present such instructions in a clear and palatable way so that personnel will be moved to comply for their own benefit.

While warning labels are there to make people aware of a particular danger, Mandatory Health and Safety Labels must go a bit further; rather than just informing people of a hazard, they are there to outline the specific steps which must be taken to ensure the readers’ own well-being or that of others.

With that in mind, it’s easy to see why common Mandatory Health and Safety Warning Labels include the following:

Hand Protection

Gloves are basic PPE in many industries, yet it’s amazing how many personnel still ‘forget’ to wear them.  Whether it’s for their own benefit (such as on a building site), that of others (food processing), or of the product (lab work), safety warning signs reminding your staff to wear hand protection might just make the difference at a crucial moment.

Hi Visibility Clothing

An absolute must for all outdoor workers as well as environments involving moving vehicles, high visibility vests and other gear are a fundamental part of industrial best practice.  Recent figures show that the UK is one of the safest developed nations to work in, and workplace safety signs which remind us all of the need to be seen have played a vital role in that success.

Eye Protection

It isn’t just liquids which pose a threat to the eye health of workers in many Industries – dust and fumes can be just as dangerous, and sometimes their effects are even harder to reverse.  In other settings, it is necessary to wear eye protection to protect oneself from the effects of the sun, bright artificial lights, or even lasers.

Face Masks

There has never been a more pertinent time to talk about the issue of wearing face masks at work, as concern over Coronavirus sweeps Britain’s workplaces.  Employers can protect themselves, their staff, and their customers by issuing face masks and posting safety labels which remind everyone to make full use of them, not just on the production line or shop floor, but in any area where they may come into contact with other people, or products.

Ear Protection

Paying out compensation to those who have suffered hearing loss at work costs British industry millions of pounds every year.  Conditions are improving, but making full use of safety signs which remind workers to use ear defenders costs pennies, and will benefit your employees for years to come.

These are just a small selection of the mandatory safety signs available from Pat Labels Online.  Other popular safety warning labels include fire safety signs, electrical safety labels, prohibition labels, and hazard warning diamonds.  To find out more about the products available from PAT Labels Online browse our site, or if you have specific requests contact us here.

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