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Fire Safety Labels


Ensuring the fire safety of the visitors to your premises - whether they’re staff, customers or diners - should be of paramount importance to your business. Not only does it keep your company within the regulations of Health & Safety protocol, but it prevents any harm to humans and property within the establishment.

As buildings are built to larger degrees and, therefore, become more difficult to navigate, it’s vital that you signpost the most important symbols and indicators with professional fire safety labels. Risking the lives of the people within your premises is irresponsible and should be avoided at all possible costs.

Here at PAT Labels Online, we have been supplying fire safety labels to a variety of industries and organisations for years, helping to equip you with the tools required to optimise the safety of the building in which you work.

Whether it’s to indicate a nearby fire extinguisher, a fire alarm or simply a fire point label, we have all of the labels and stickers you could require to ensure the safest possible start for your new venture. In full, striking colour, you can be sure that your labels and stickers will be easily visible in most lights.

Contact us today here at PAT Labels Online, where we’ll be happy to discuss any queries you may have regarding your purchase. Given our extensive experience in the industry, we are qualified to offer you advice on where to place your fire safety stickers, and how many you may need for your individual requirements.