Fire Extinguisher Stickers

We all depend daily on health and safety stickers which provide instructions and warnings in the workplace and elsewhere.  These messages are for our protection, and make us aware of any dangers we may encounter, be that from electrical power sources, chemical hazards, or other sources.  One of the most destructive threats we could encounter is that of fire.  Fortunately, the dangers of fire in public places have long been recognized and there is extensive legislation in place to protect us, with measures like fire extinguishers and fire prevention equipment.  To ensure these items are used and maintained as intended, various fire safety labels are used to instruct personnel and monitor the upkeep of the infrastructure.  And as always, PAT Labels Online carry an extensive stock of any stickers and labels you might need, including fire safety stickers and fire extinguisher maintenance labels.

What are the rules when it comes to maintaining fire extinguishers at your business premises?

Firstly, it is critical that there are enough fire extinguishers in the building and that they are easily accessible.  The law requires that there should be at least two Class A extinguishers on every floor.  Class A extinguishers include 3 or 6 litre foam extinguishers, or 9 litre water extinguishers.  There are clear fire extinguisher stickers to tell you which chemical each cylinder contains.  British Standards rule BS5306 states that no one should ever be more than 30 metres from an extinguisher, so for large premises more units may be required.

In addition to these, other types of extinguishers – such as carbon dioxide, wet chemical or dry powder units – are usually needed to respond to specific hazards, such as electrical fires.  It’s a good idea to make yourself familiar with the fire extinguisher labels, so that in an emergency you will know which device to use.

Simply buying the right fire extinguishers for your property is not enough; before they are ready for use, each appliance must be commissioned by someone who has been trained for the task.  This can be an employee of the company who has been on the relevant course, but it’s more common for companies to bring in trained fire safety consultants to perform this task.  Consultants can order personalised fire safety stickers here.

Once a fire extinguisher has been installed and commissioned, it must subsequently be serviced every year.  Fire extinguisher inspection labels are used to record the date the inspection was performed and the identity of the inspector.  An inspection includes: checking the unit is within date; checking the condition of the cylinder and all other parts; verifying that the unit has not been used or tampered with; checking the weight and / or pressure; verifying that the correct fire extinguisher stickers are present and legible.

When you have your appliances serviced, ensure all the fire extinguisher service labels are filled in, as this is a record of your compliance with the law.  The label will record when each unit was serviced or refilled.

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