health and safety stickers

In a situation where our personal safety is at risk, we would all prefer to be instructed on how to protect ourselves in a clear and concise manner.  The safety labels we encounter in workplaces,  public buildings, and other situations are designed to do just that.  Most governments in the developed world, including here in the UK, have enacted laws requiring safety stickers to be displayed whenever certain risks are present, such as flammable substances, volatile chemicals, or electricity.  If you are the owner of a company, a facilities manager, or a H&S representative, you have a responsibility to ensure that the appropriate health and safety stickers are displayed throughout your premises, including company vehicles.

While guidance on the use of health and safety labels is freely available on the Health & Safety Executive website, actually finding and obtaining the stickers you need can be a little more difficult.  At PAT Labels Online, we make it as straightforward and convenient as we can for customers to select which workplace safety labels they need, and have them delivered with minimum fuss.

Electrical Warning Labels

Electricity is probably the most useful form of energy, and is used in homes, businesses, and industries of all kinds.  It is clean and efficient compared to other forms of power, yet without electrical safety stickers we might never know it’s there – and this is exactly why it can be so dangerous.  When you see an electrical cable, you have no way of knowing whether it is live or not.  Most of us would never take the chance of touching electrical connections in our homes.  But when it comes to unfamiliar electrical installations, such as industrial equipment, electrical safety labels may be our only way to tell where the danger lies.  There are many types of electrical safety warning labels for different circumstances, each with its own text and graphics.  If you can’t find the electrical warning stickers you’re looking for, please contact us.

Mandatory Stickers / Prohibition Stickers

These are the signs which give instructions, in terms of what must (mandatory labels) or must not (prohibition labels) be done.  Prohibition warning signs do not leave it up to the reader to decide what action should be taken.  No smoking labels are a good example; simply informing personnel that there are flammable chemicals in the area may not be enough to dissuade them from lighting up, especially if they cannot see the hazard.  Hopefully they will be more conscientious in the presence of no smoking stickers.  Mandatory labels can likewise instruct that action be taken, such as wearing gloves or washing hands.

Hazard Warning Diamond Labels

When any type of dangerous goods must be transported from one location to another, a hazard diamond label must be affixed to the container or vehicle to identify the substance.  These are among the most specific of all workplace safety stickers, so contact us for help if you are unsure which product is suited to your requirements.

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