What do the different gas safe warning labels mean?

Gas safe warning labels are used to show the status of gas-related appliances, furthermore, warn you against possible dangers. Safety in your home or workplace is of the upmost importance, therefore it is essential to stay up to date with gas testing. At PAT Labels Online, we offer a variety of gas safe stickers, which cover the different needs of gas testing across the necessary categories.


If an engineer finds a gas-related danger during testing, they are legally required to issue and display the correct gas warning sign. Danger do not use warning labels are accompanied by a gas warning notice also, to make sure you are aware of the exact details of the unsafe situation.

PAT Labels Online offers warning do not use gas safety labels in several different sizes depending on the engineers’ preference. Despite the different sized labels, the information on the labels is the same on all of them, which matches the industry standard. The key information on the do not use gas safe warning labels is the bold warning stating ‘DO NOT USE’, along with a warning that it is an offense to use the labels, with a resulting fine being the outcome of breaking the regulations.

There are two different unsafe situations.

Immediately dangerous – An immediate danger to life or property. This must be disconnected immediately and repaired before its next use. These situations can be reported to the Gas Emergency Service Provider.

At risk – The minimum of one fault has been identified, which can be a danger to life or property. It is recommended that the engineer turns off the connection and fixes it ASAP.


Once your gas appliance has been tested, it is important to display the correct information, both clearly and in the correct way. Our gas appliance serviced by labels adhere to the relevant regulations, by providing room for the gas engineers details, such as company name and contact number, along with their gas safety register number. The dates of the test and next due date are also displayed on the label to make sure the appliance testing is kept up to date.

Our website offers a simple and pleasant ordering process when you choose which gas safety stickers you need. As you progress through the checkout screen, the system will ask you for the relevant details, and which (if any) relevant contractor logo you require. For repeat customers, there is an even simpler ordering process, as you just tick the ‘print as previous’ box, to save time.


Another set of gas safe warning labels that are available on our website, are the gas control valve labels. Available in both horizontal and vertical, depending on which type of appliance you operate, these labels offer simple instructions, by illustrating which way you should turn your appliance off from the control valve.

If you see a gas safe warning label, it is important to follow the instructions carefully. By doing so, you can help to keep yourself and your family safe.

Here are some additional tips for staying safe with gas:

  • Have your gas appliances inspected and tested by a qualified gas engineer every year.
  • Never use a gas appliance if it is damaged or not working properly.
  • Keep all gas appliances clean and free of debris.
  • Do not overload your electrical circuits.
  • Be sure to ventilate your home properly when using gas appliances.

By following these tips, you can help to prevent gas-related accidents and keep your home safe.

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