Passed PAT Test Labels

The figures are in for 2018, and once again the UK has been listed among the safest industrialised countries to work in.  The results have vindicated the Health and Safety Executive’s policy of encouraging a health and safety-conscious culture at workplaces across the various industry sectors without choking progress and creativity by imposing excessive bureaucracy.

This policy revolves around encouraging H&S representatives in all firms to take responsibility for enforcing whatever inspection and testing practices are necessary to see that in-house processes and resources comply with applicable standards as laid out in government legislation.  This allows companies to get on with doing business while keeping an eye on the wellbeing of their employees.

One of the non-compulsory standards many UK businesses choose to adhere to for the safety of their staff is Portable Appliance Testing, commonly known as ‘PAT Testing’.  PAT Labels Online are a leading internet supplier of all kinds of Pat Testing labels, including passed Pat Test labels, failed Pat Test labels, cable wrap Pat Testing labelsbarcode Pat Testing labels, Pat Testing stickers labels, Pat Testing visual inspection labels, Tuff Tag Pat Labels and personalised Pat Stickers.  The ongoing demand we have seen for Pat Stickers of all kinds tells us that up and down the country thousands of businesses are finding the PAT inspection protocol helpful in fulfilling their duty of care.

Buying Pat Test labels online is a great way to keep a good stock of all this vital stationary.  Simply select the items you need depending on the requirements of your company, and you don’t need to give the matter any further thought until your items arrive at your business address a few days later (or the next day if you require them urgently).

How do you use the various types of Pat Label we have available?  In the case of passed and failed Pat Test labels, the distinction is clear: Pat Test Passed labels are designed to record a successful inspection result, certifying that the device they are attached to is in safe condition and may continue to be used by all personnel.  Conversely, a Failed Pat Test tag signals that a fault has been found with the item, and that it should not be used until comprehensive repairs can be made.

Some Pat Test tags are designed for specific environments or situations.  For example, if a particular device in your office is an unusual size or shape, it may be necessary to label it with a cable wrap Pat Testing label, attached to the power flex.  You should never imagine that their isn’t an ideal Pat Test sticker available for your situation.  After so many years in the business, the PAT Labels Online team have encountered just about every situation you might come across, and for each we have a product to match.  If you’re unsure about what you need, get in touch with us.  We will be happy to help you find solutions to all your Pat Test labelling needs.

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