PAT Test Labels

There are, quite rightly, a plethora of rules and regulations surrounding the installation and use of industrial electrical equipment.  Heavy machinery uses a lot of power and may be in use for many hours of every day, hence stringent safety checks are necessary for the protection of the workforce and the public.

Smaller electrical equipment, however, is less tightly regulated.  While health and safety is still an important consideration, it follows that a small appliance running at mains voltage – say, a desktop printer – is less likely to develop a dangerous fault than a three-phase powered production line which is in operation for hours at a time.  The law requires only that companies protect personnel from danger in relation to such small appliances.  Voluntary PAT testing is, therefore, an effective way of demonstrating compliance with this common sense approach.

If you are an electrician, offering regular PAT inspections to local companies is a good way to supplement your work schedule.  While qualifications are not necessary to perform the inspections, your background will reassure businesses of your competence.  Having a range of professional quality PAT Testing Labels from PAT Labels Online will bolster this image.

At PAT Labels Online, we stock stickers, labels and signs for a wide variety of applications.  As many organizations like to have their office equipment PAT tested annually, there is always a demand for PAT testing stickers, and we have responded to this demand by creating a range of products which can be used in all kinds of circumstances.

The most fundamental function of PAT test labels is to indicate whether an appliance has passed or failed its most recent inspection.  A faulty or damaged product should be removed from use immediately, and clearly labelled with a warning sticker to avoid confusion.  To signify a PAT test pass, we have a range of Passed PAT Test Labels in various sizes, colours and finishes.

When electronic business machines began to appear in offices in the nineteen-sixties and ‘seventies, they were large and lumbering contraptions which often needed their own office and had to be shared across an entire organization.  The same goes for personal computers a few years later.  These days, many of us will be carrying multiple electronic devices on our person at any given time.  Likewise, office equipment has shrunk beyond all recognition, and many a desk drawer is crammed with a multitude of devices for a variety of uses.  Since some appliances are now no bigger than a pen, traditional PAT Stickers are too big to be used.  Our alternative is Cable Wrap PAT testing stickers, which attach to mains flexes or any other wiring.  Other PAT test stickers for special applications include PAT Testing Tuff Tags which are designed for use outdoors and in demanding environments.

For the professional touch, we can personalise your PAT Testing Labels with your company name, telephone number, and any other details.  This will also remind your customers who to call when their next round of PAT testing is due!

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