Here at PAT Labels Online, we supply our customers with a large variety of labels for a range of purposes to all those throughout the UK. We aim to offer a balance between value and high quality, and can dispatch your items within 24 hours of your order being received. Here we will focus on our range of mandatory labels.

What are Mandatory Labels?

Mandatory labels are used to illustrate health and safety warnings or notices. As something which is mandatory is a requirement by law or mandate, such stickers are used as part of a wider system in various industries. Mandatory labels can include food labels that state ingredient or components, used to protect people with allergies, or within the clothing industry, where the factory of origin may be included.

Mandatory Labels at PAT Labels Online

The mandatory labels at PAT labels online are focussed on health and safety warnings necessary for the workplace. Each of these labels are designed with mandatory signs that are made to be instantly recognisable without having to read detailed information. Mandatory signs are made in blue, so they can be distinguished from other kinds of signs. They are designed to demonstrate actions or behaviours that must be implemented within either a workplace or area of public access, in order to comply with health and safety regulations. Also known as blue safety signs, mandatory labels are recognised by the use of a white pictogram surrounded by the blue background. They are used for both employees and visitors in order to show the actions necessary to remain safe.

More about Mandatory Health and Safety Labels

Our range of mandatory labels spans a variety of different applications, depending on the work environment you are looking to safeguard. Our mandatory labels include those used to inform workers about the correct PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) that should be worn, or can act as reminders to workers about the correct lifting and storage standards. Other examples include workplace hygiene reminders, pedestrian information, and warning labels to keep clear and so on. Our prices start from £6.95, and our labels are available in a range of quantities, starting from 8 labels and increasing to 1000 labels, depending on the number of mandatory labels that you need and the size of your budget.

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