Health and Safety Labels

Putting up health and safety stickers is a crucial task in many types of environment in order to ensure that workers on a site remain safe and to make sure that employers meet their statutory requirements. However, we can be so used to seeing safety signs around that we often don’t notice them or think about why they are there.

Here at PAT Labels Online we stock health and safety labels for almost every single danger, hazard or warning notice imaginable. But what types of safety labels are there? Here are explanations of just a few of the common health and safety labels which almost everyone will have seen at some point, either at work or in their everyday lives.

Danger high voltage

Name-dropped in the famous Electric Six song, electrical safety stickers are unsurprisingly found around electrical equipment or locations, such as junction boxes or sub-stations. Electrocution is a serious health hazard and is particularly likely in areas of high voltage, hence why electrical safety labels urge caution for people nearby. While many electrical safety signs offer a general warning, many labels can also state the specific level of voltage, such as 33,000 volts.

No naked flame

Found in red and white, no naked flame labels are designed to warn people against starting fires that have the potential to be uncontrolled, such as the flame at the end of a struck match. These types of safety labels are especially important in areas containing flammable materials such as petrol stations and oil rigs.

High visibility clothing

There are many reasons why people working in certain areas need to wear high visibility clothing. These include if they work in potentially dangerous environments such as construction sites, roads and railways, or at times of low visibility such as in the early hours of the morning. With these labels employers can wear staff and guests to put on their helmets and day-glo jackets and stay safe.

Fire extinguisher point

One of the requirements for many workplaces is a fire extinguisher in the case of a fire. As a sudden fire can be extremely stressful, it’s vital that extinguishers are clearly marked in case of emergencies. These safety labels in red and white make the fire extinguisher clearly visible. Some mark the type of extinguisher whether it is water, foam or carbon dioxide.

Ear protection

Ear protection safety labels advise people to protect their ears, such as by wearing earmuffs. This is vital in areas of loud noise like construction sites, music concerts or airplane runways. As these labels are blue and white, they are less urgent but are linked to good practice. Similar labels exist for other pieces of clothing include visors, hairnets, and safety harnesses.

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