Caution - Electricity

Technology and industry have provided us with a modern world in which we can order products to be brought from thousands of miles away in a matter of hours and have access to the sum of human knowledge at the flick of a switch, a world in which one person can quickly and efficiently handle loads weighing more than the largest living animals and communicate to the furthest reaches of the planet in an instant of time.  The price we pay for this astonishing utility is that we are surrounded by machinery and infrastructure which could be hazardous to our safety.  Fortunately, it doesn’t take much effort to keep everyone safe as long as we all play our part.

By carefully posting safety signs in workplaces and other public spaces where hazards can be encountered, everyone can be informed of situations which may place them in danger, and how they should act to avoid it.  PAT Labels Online are one of the foremost internet retailers of safety signs and labels of all kinds, so no matter what type of signage you need, we’ve got a product to match.

Usually, the first safety signs a visitor sees will be posted on the doors or walls when entering a hazardous area.  For example, a door between an office environment and a warehouse where fork lift trucks are operating should have clear safety labels to warn all personnel of the need for additional awareness.  After all, while your employees likely know where the danger areas are, visitors to your premises may not.  In the above example, all points of access to the hazardous area should carry the same safety signs, including doorways from isolated areas eg doorways returning from canteens and restrooms.

In some cases, the hazard may be contained, not within a room per se, but within an area or installation within a room.  This is often the case with electrical wiring, mechanical apparatus, or stored chemicals.  Safety labels warning of these hazards should be clearly visible from all angles of approach – if safety stickers are only present on the front of a machine, what if someone approaches from the side?

Health and safety labels also have a role to play in the case of portable items.  When equipment is shipped in component form or in an incomplete state, it may present a hazard to the recipient, and health and safety stickers can reduce the risk of an accident occurring.  For example, if an item containing sharp blades or a laser projector is to be transported, it is only common sense that the hazardous components be packaged in such a way as to protect the handlers.  But when the packaging is removed, it is wise to draw attention to the danger by use of appropriate health and safety stickers.

PAT Labels Online have been producing health and safety labels and signs for years, and with our quick and easy ordering system, you can be sure of finding the products you need in no time.

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