PAT Labels

Keeping up to date with your internal PAT testing schedule is a fine way to demonstrate your commitment to health and safety in the workplace.  All the stationary you will need for PAT test record keeping is available from PAT Labels Online.

Visual inspection PAT labels are at the heart of any PAT testing program, confirming that the first step in ensuring compliance has been taken.  But what if you need to label appliances which will be used out-of-doors, or in other demanding environments?  Don’t worry, Tuff Tag PAT labels are designed to withstand harsh conditions without peeling, fading, or coming loose from the device they are attached to.  PAT testing Tuff Tags are made from tough, durable Polyplas and are designed to wrap around a power flex or any other narrow part of the device.

If you are an electrician who conducts PAT testing at various locations, using personalised PAT testing labels is a good way to promote your business.  When each appliance needs retesting, personalised PAT stickers will remind the company to contact you again.  Each personalised PAT test label can be supplied with your name, contact details, and in any colour you like.  Or, if you are part of a company which handles its PAT testing in-house, ordering custom PAT test labels with your company name and logo denotes a professional approach.

PAT testing visual inspection labels are the cornerstone of a testing routine, and once a full test has been carried out, Passed PAT Test labels or Failed PAT Test labels can be issued as appropriate.  When it comes to PAT testing stickers, labels must be strong enough, and stick for long enough, to withstand up to a year’s worth of day-to-day handling.  If PAT Testing Labels peel off or become illegible, it can be difficult to prove you have fulfilled your responsibilities.  So when PAT testing appliances for your workplace, be sure to choose the high quality PAT test stickers available from PAT Labels Online.

Aside from the basic PAT stickers we are used to seeing on all kinds of devices, we also supply PAT test tags for use with appliances which don’t have a convenient flat surface, and cable wrap PAT testing labels for when the only practical labelling point is the power lead.  Alternatively, cable wrap PAT test labels can also be attached to mains plugs as failed PAT test tags.  We even have barcode PAT testing labels, which allow your PAT label to be used as a resource tag.

When all your workplace appliances bear current PAT test labels UK health and safety inspectors will be impressed by your diligence.  A full compliment of PAT Test Passed labels show that all your equipment is kept in good order, and that the safety of your workforce comes first.  Keeping a stock of PAT test labels, especially PAT Test Pass labels, is advisable.  However, it’s easy to order Pat test labels online, and you’ll be amazed at the range of options available at PAT Labels Online.

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