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As the manager or owner of a business environment or building with electrical wiring, you have a duty to ensure that you have followed all the specific measurements to keep passers-by safe. Whether it’s to protect your employees, or to ensure visitors on your premises are aware of the present risks, it is vital that you clearly communicate the hazards in the surrounding environment transparently. Failing to do so can lead to dangerous accidents, and where electricity is involved – in worst-case-scenarios – to death.

Here at PAT Labels Online, we have a range of health and safety stickers to help you send the message loud and clear that there is a presence of electrical hazards. Today, we will be taking a look at these health and safety labels, how their design will send an obvious message, and why they are so important to have in your building.

Our health and safety signage: why do you need them?

A health and safety label is an easy and cost-effective way to communicate to staff or guests on your premises that there is a potential risk of electrical danger. While there are multiple health and safety measures you are obligated to comply with according to UK law, health and safety stickers are just one of the ways to ensure you are covered when it comes to making risks clear.

What do we offer here at PAT Labels?

Our health and safety warning labels are sure to stand out to any passer-by, even if they are not specifically looking for them. Their bright yellow colour is hard to miss, with the strong black lettering and image graphic contrastingly brilliantly to truly stand out. This ensures that even distracted workers have their attention caught.

The non-rip, matt polypropylene material of our health & safety stickers is extremely durable, meaning once you have stuck it on its desired surface, it is sure to stay put. Even with long usage, in environments with potentially dusty air conditions or bad weather conditions, the warning signs will remain clear and colourful, keeping them easy to read. They are self-adhesive, saving you precious time in installation.

There is a range of complexity to our health & safety labels. For instance, the warning electrical connection sticker reads loud and simply, “WARNING: Electrical Connection”. This conveys the desired message quickly and effectively, without needing too much time to read the sticker. Alternatively, the Important Wiring Conforms to 17th Edition sticker explains in finer detail the specifics of the electrical hazard at hand.

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