Health and Safety Labels

A world without Safety Labels would be a very dangerous place indeed.  Safety labels of various designs warn us of dangers of which we may be unaware, give instructions on how to stay safe, and supply information so we can protect ourselves from possible risks.

Some safety signs warn of natural hazards which we may encounter.  These are usually seen as road signs, which may warn us of falling rocks, or of wildlife in the road.  However, in our highly industrialised society, it is human made hazards we most often encounter.  We see safety stickers warning us of these dangers every day.  They may be on goods around the home, such as electrical products.  We see them when we are out and about, on public transport, and in public buildings, and especially in the workplace.

There are safety stickers to warn us of explosive or flammable substances, poisons and toxins, various types of radiation, electrical installations, slip, trip, and fall hazards, and restricted areas.  Labelling associated with LOTO systems protect us from faulty machinery.  In fact, we might all find ourselves in danger on a daily basis if it wasn’t for Health and Safety Labels such as those supplied by PAT Labels Online.  Our simple and convenient service allows you to order all the health and safety stickers you need for your workplace, home, or other premises.

Labelling Conventions

While some health and safety stickers are posted voluntarily, many are required by law or by standards agencies responsible for promoting safe practice.  A standout example is the Globally Harmonised System of labelling and packaging chemical substances, known as GHS, which is enforced in the European Union by the CPL (Classification, Labelling and Packaging) Regulation.  This standard was suggested by the United Nations to promote safety in international trade by creating a set of health and safety labels which would be recognized all over the world, regardless of language or culture.  Many of the signs available from our Health and Safety Labels page are based on this standard.

Other safety labels are of a less rigid format, but in general:

  • Diamond shaped labels warn of a hazardous item or material
  • Triangular labels warn of a danger you may encounter in this area
  • Circular sign gives instructions which you should follow in order to stay safe
  • Rectangular signs provide information about hazards and safety

Electrical Warning Labels

The prevalence of electricity in all aspects of modern life means we encounter electrical energy every day, but when something goes wrong it may not be immediately obvious: electricity is invisible, usually has no smell, and if you feel its effects it may already be too late to prevent injury.  For these reasons, electrical safety stickers are in many ways the most important health and safety stickers we see from day to day.  Order electrical safety labels for your workplace from PAT Labels Online, the internet specialists in electrical warning stickers and workplace labels of all kinds.

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