Health and Safety Labels

Workers in the UK and Europe are among the safest in the world.  This is largely thanks to stringent yet reasonable health and safety legislation for workplaces and public spaces, and the safety-conscious culture which has resulted.  We go about our daily business, safe in the knowledge that any threat to our wellbeing will have been assessed, minimized, and if necessary, clearly labelled by those responsible.

As a result of this approach, we see safety signs every day, to the point where we seldom notice them unless we are utilizing the infrastructure to which they apply.  How many times have you entered a cupboard or basement and casually notice a fuse box attached to the wall, festooned with health and safety stickers for the benefit of service personnel as well as uninitiated visitors to the site?  Likely, the only occasion on which you would take the time to read these safety labels is if you were tasked with resetting the trips yourself.

For any business owner or health and safety representative, ensuring all appropriate health and safety labels are clearly and correctly displayed is a simple task which goes a long way when it comes to demonstrating commitment to the wellbeing of staff and visitors.  On the PAT Labels Online web store, you can find all the safety signs and labels you need, from simple electrical and chemical hazard labels to specialist signage with explanatory text.  Types of safety labels we sell include, among others:

Electrical Safety Notices

Electrical hazards remain a high priority for safety professionals.  You can’t see, hear or smell electricity, yet poorly maintained or exposed wiring or components pose a significant risk.  Safety stickers should be clearly displayed on any junction boxes, conduits, and other fittings related to electrical supply.  These should be visible from all directions of approach, with concise information for the benefit of service personnel.

GHS Regulations

The Globally Harmonized System of health and safety labels for hazardous materials has been highly effective in cutting accident rates in developing lands.  No matter where your product is to be shipped, handling personnel will recognize these UN approved safety stickers and take the appropriate precautions.

Mandatory Notices

Safety signs providing instructions for safe conduct are referred to as mandatory notices.  These are common in areas such as vehicle loading bays in the form of instructions to drivers or other visitors.  Other mandatory signs remind staff to make use of essential PPE.

Prohibition Notices

‘No Smoking’ and ‘No Naked Flames’ are among the most common health and safety signs we are likely to come across in every day life, and with good reason; a carelessly discarded match or cigarette can result in a significant hazard.

Fire Safety

Keep your fire extinguishers correctly labelled with our range of fire safety stickers.

Specialist Signage

Other health and safety stickers include industry specific signage and specialist labels for LOTO and other safety and maintenance protocols.  If you can’t find the health and safety labels you need, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

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