Gas appliance labels are a clear and easy way to communicate the status and safety of your gas appliances. It should be clear to anyone who looks at your gas supply what the risks associated with using it are, and what its status is in terms of its most recent check and its compliance with health and safety regulations. Here at PAT Labels online, we offer a range of gas appliance labels to assist you in clearly demarcating your gas appliances, which we will take a look at today.

What are gas appliance labels?

Gas safe warning labels are important for a number of purposes, though the core reason of using them is to minimise health and safety risks. If you have had your gas supply tested recently, you will require a sticker that states who the mechanic responsible for testing it was, the date they tested it, as well as the PPM reading. This is one instance of the information you need to have on display in order to minimise health and safety risks, such as gas leaks. With our colourful and bold gas safety stickers, you can ensure the information on your gas appliance is communicated loud and clear.

What do we offer?

At PAT Labels Online, we offer a variety of gas appliance labels. Our ‘tested for gas safety labels’ are a simple and easy way to have information on your last gas appliance service filled out and displayed clearly. If you require more information than this, we also offer larger gas appliance service labels, where you can have the gas safe register number, the date of the next due service, and a telephone number to arrange your next service. For a more thorough option, we also offer extra-large gas appliance installation labels, where you can compile a history of all past service dates and service names.

If you operate gas valves in your workplace, it is important to provide the correct information on the on/off positioning of the switch. Failing to do so could result in gas leaks or compromised functions of your gas valve. Our gas safe warning labels demonstrate clearly how to correctly position the gas control valve, minimising accidents and risks.

While you may have implemented every step in your capacity to reduce health and safety risks associated with gas appliances, we understand that accidents can happen outside of your control. For when accidents do occur, make sure your workforce is prepared and can follow all the correct procedures to minimise casualties. With our gas emergency control stickers, in the event of an emergency make sure all the vital information is clearly communicated and on display.

Get in touch

If you have any questions about the correct GHS label stickers for you, feel free to contact us. You can send us an email at, or by phoning us on 01325 525 675. We appreciate the importance of ensuring your gas supply is health and safety compliant as soon as possible; for this reason, we offer free delivery in the UK, and a same day dispatch service if you order before 2pm.

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