Asset Labels and Tags

Asset labels are an easy and practical way for businesses to keep control of the appliances they own, whether they have loaned a piece of equipment out to another business or own several of the same type of appliance and need to be able to distinguish between them. By applying asset stickers to an appliance, securing and monitoring it is a breeze.

Here at PAT Labels Online we know all about asset labels and tags, as we stock a huge variety of tags for our customers to choose from. But what kind of thing can you expect to see on the average asset label? Here are some of the common features you are likely to spot on an asset tag and the reasons why they are included.

Property of individual/company

Putting the name of a company or individual contact on your asset ID labels will help your appliances be easy to identify if someone takes them accidentally. Doing this also allows the asset to work as a good advertising tool! Companies who have a snazzy company logo they wish to share with the world can do this on custom asset labels instead of putting their name in plain text.

Contact details

Obviously it’s no good knowing the name of who owns an appliance if you don’t know how to get in touch with them! Asset labels often feature a person or company’s contact details which allow their colleagues or customers to get in touch if an appliance is misplaced or requires repairing.

Appliance ID number

Companies often give their appliances an ID number in order to help identify a particular asset. Asset ID labels are especially useful in situations where staff need to tell the difference between different assets of the same model, for example if a particular unit is faulty and in need of repair. Asset ID numbers are often numerical, although asset tags with barcodes are also very common.

Test date/Next test due

Electrical appliances are regularly tested as part of what is known as portable appliance testing. It’s important for businesses to check appliances regularly in order to ensure that they are safe to use. Many asset labels feature a space outlining when the asset was last tested and when an asset’s next test is due.


Finally, this feature frequently found on asset tracking labels shows whether an asset has passed or failed its electrical safety test. If an asset has passed then the person looking at it will know that it’s safe to use. If it has failed the test, it will demonstrate that this asset requires repair and should not be used until then.

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