Here at PAT Labels Online, we supply our clients with an extensive range of labels for a plethora of purposes to all those across the UK. All our items provide a great balance between value and high quality, and can be dispatched within 24hours of your receiving your order. Today we are going to focus on our range of CLP labels.

What are CLP Labels?

CLP stands for ‘Classification Labelling and Packaging’, outlining the purpose of the labels. These labels are designed to enable the identification of hazardous materials, chemicals or gasses. Making sure any workers and customers who come into contact with such products  are safe should be important within any organisation, and CLP labels can help you make it a clear priority.

What Applications are CLP Labels Used For?

CLP labels can be used for a number of different applications, depending on your business. For example, they could be used within a workshop floor, on factory shelving, and in any environment where such substances may be sold. CLP labelling is an essential requirement for any company when it comes to safeguarding themselves and their workers against serious accidents that can come about handling dangerous materials.

How do CLP Labels Work?

CLP labels work to prevent injuries from accidents by a means of risk reduction. When the CLP regulation warning diamonds are displayed on equipment and products, anyone who sees the label can be made aware of what precautions they need to take in order to safeguard themselves from any harm.

CLP Labels at PAT Labels

Our CLP regulation warning signs are available in both large and small sizes, so you can make a selection depending on the products, equipment or area you wish to place them. Our range of CLP products includes flammable labelsoxidising labels, irritant CLP labels, explosive labels and corrosive labels, and more. Our CLP labels are manufactured in sturdy, non-rip polyolefin, with a self-adhesive backing that allows them to stick to almost any surface. All of our CLP regulation warning stickers begin at a price of £6.95, although the number of labels per sheet differs depending on whether you choose large or small sized stickers. For example, you might pay £6.95 for 6 large stickers but the same price for 24 small stickers.

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