Cable Wrap PAT Test Labels

There are some applications for PAT test labels where a basic label won’t quite work in the right way. One great example of this is when you need to physically wrap the label around the appliance whilst making sure that the information can be clearly read by anyone who needs to see it. Today we’re going to look at some of the labels designed specifically for this: our cable wrap PAT test labels.


Cable wrap PAT test labels are designed with two sides, where the middle allows space to wrap around materials such as cables so that the information is all clearly visible. Our range of cable wrap labels are available in a selection of styles at various price points. They are available in a variety of colours, including green, blue, purple or black. These products start at £9.95 (ex. VAT) for 250 cable wrap tags, ranging through to £32.95 (ex. VAT). The actual cost will vary depending on both the exact type of tags you require and the quantity you’re looking to purchase. Some of these cable wrap labels are also customisable, where you may be able to change the colour or the style, whether plain or personalised. We also stock Sharpie Twin Tip permanent markers. These can be used to write directly onto the cable wrap labels.


Cable wrap PAT test labels are a suitable choice for marking cables for Portable Appliance Testing, electrical safety testing or inspection. The use of these labels will also help you comply with the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 and the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998. These cable wrap PAT sticker labels may be used as part of your risk assessment programme during either planned maintenance or breakdown, as well as part of routine checks, examinations and inspections for a wide range of electrical appliances.


In terms of where you can apply these cable wrap PAT labels, you are able to wrap them around electrical wiring, cables, extensions or leads and cover passed, failed and tested functions. As the labels wrap around electrical cables and so on, forming a flag shape, they are suitable for a range of cable diameters. Examples of appropriate electrical appliances include – but are not limited to – drills, hand tools, hand lamps, portable grinders, floor cleaners, pressure water cleaners, audio, video. They are also particularly useful for IT equipment such as computer monitors, servers, and printers. You may also use them for catering equipment, including microwaves, kettles, mixers, blenders, mincing machines, bandsaws, and deep fat fryers.

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