Here at PAT Labels Online, we offer our customers with a wide selection of labels for a range of purposes to all those across the UK. We aim for a balance between value and high quality, as well as being able to dispatch to you within 24 hours of your order being received. Today, we are shining the spotlight on our range of barcode labels.

What are Barcodes?

A barcode is a sequence of numbers and patterns that are used with optical scanners, known as barcode readers. Barcodes display pattern of parallel lines in different widths, working together with the number sequence to correspond to a particular item, which is then readable by these machines. They are most commonly used for stock management and control. Modern developments in barcodes mean that the original 1D barcodes have developed into 2D variants. These can also be read by application software on mobile devices with inbuilt cameras such as smartphones.

Code 39 Barcode Labels

Typically, barcode labels are printed with a Code 39 barcode, along with a matching sequential number, beginning with any number of your choice. Code 39 is made of 43 characters of discrete barcode symbology in variable lengths. Such characters include uppercase letters (A to Z), numeric digits (0 to 9) and special characters such as the dash and forward slash, along with spaces. Additionally, asterisk is used for start and stop delimiters. Each character is made of nine elements, including five bars and four spaces, with three of them wide and six narrow, translating into a binary value of either one or zero.

Asset Barcode ID Labels

As part of barcoding, asset ID labels can an ideal way to manage business assets. Not only do these including the printed Code 39 barcode, but also include a matching sequential number in order to improve the organisation of your stock. They are available in a choice of different sizes. At PAT Labels, we offer a budget range including a mini size of 23mm x 25mm, a small size of 38mm x 20mm, a standard size of 29mm x 25mm, and a large size of 49mm x 79mm. These labels are available in a selection of colours such as black, blue, green and red, with the larger sizes also offering a yellow option. These asset stickers are also available in silver and a heavy-duty standard size.

Barcode Labels at PAT Labels

Furthermore, our barcode labels at PAT Labels can be used in harsh environments as they are made from an extremely tough and durable Polyplas. We offer barcode stickers that are made from a self-adhesive non-rip matt polypropylene. Our barcode labels can also be made bespoke to your business, meaning that it is possible to customise your barcode labels with your name or company name, a contact number and any other relevant information.

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