At PAT Labels Online, we offer our customers a large range of labels and stickers, in order for you to be able to find what you’re looking for within our standard range of products.  As part of our range of labels, we offer quality control labels. Today we are going to focus on these items, covering what quality control labels are, and the details about the types of tags and stickers that we can provide.

Quality Control Labels

Quality control labels are necessary in order to manage equipment and machinery by tracking products by creating an itemised index. Even small operations can benefit from quality control labels, yet the more complex the workplace, the bigger the need for quality control labels. Such labels exist to help all staff identify which equipment is operating in full working condition, and which are in need of repair. The information typically included as part of quality control labels includes the appliance ID, the test date, the name of the person it was tested by, and your company name and number. However, there are many different kinds of quality control stickers that can easily offer information on an item, whether passed, failed, or awaiting inspection, and so on.

Quality Control Labels at PAT Labels Online

Here at PAT Labels Online, our quality control labels are made from waterproof materials, ensuring they will work reliably in any environment. Not only that, but they are manufactured from eco-friendly materials.  Our standard range of quality control labels come in a variety of colours: red, green, blue, black, and yellow, with some depending on the type of label. Offering a wide choice of designs, you are sure to find quality control labels that are fit for your desired purpose or application. Depending on the stage of the inspection or repair process, you can add more information on the labels. We can also supply you with marker pens in order for you to manually add more details to the labels, such as dates and names.

LabelGuard® Quality Control Tags

Within our range of quality control stickers, we can also supply quality control tags from LabelGuard®. These tags provide a waterproof and weatherproof cover for labels up to 51mm by 26mm. They are incredibly durable, and made from a recyclable eco-friendly injection-moulded plastic, with a transparent polycarbonate clip-in cover for you to easily read the label. You can buy these tags in green, blue, red, and yellow.

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