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Here at PAT Labels Online, we specialise in exactly that: PAT test labels. We are proud to boast that we have the biggest range of PAT test labels in the UK.  We have many other related products for labelling, but today we’re going to focus on our range of PAT test labels and cover exactly what PAT means, how often tests should be carried out, and who is able to carry out such tests.

What is PAT?

PAT refers to a type of testing that stands for ‘Portable Appliance Testing’. Through this process, a visual inspection may be carried out first and foremost. It is possible to then use such labels to evidence the competition of such testing. Other than looking for visual defects, more complex testing may be carried out, and again, our range of stickers and labels can be used as part of this process.  The purpose of such examinations of electrical equipment and appliances is to ensure that they are safe to use. PAT labels are important items to use as management tools as they provide you with an efficient way to monitor and review the effect of such maintenance processes, also providing proof and showing that your company is performing these regular tests.

How often should PAT be carried out?

How regularly such tests should be carried out will depend on both the environment that the appliances are being used in, and the type of equipment you are working with. As a guideline, it is possible to imagine that the larger the appliance, the more regularly it should be tested. However, when considering the environmental factor, you might consider the difference between the use of power tools in the construction industry compare with a hairdryer used in a hotel room. Here, you can understand the logical difference between how often these two appliances will require a PAT. Although there is no legal requirement to carry out PAT tests, the law does require that you make sure that any electrical equipment that has any potential to cause injury is maintained in a safe condition. Therefore, by using PAT labels, you can cover your back in this sense.

Who is able to carry out the tests?

The individual who carries out the PAT must be competent in the area being tested. They need appropriate training, alongside the knowledge and experience so they are able to  use the correct equipment for the test, to understand the procedures, and be able to interpret the results of the test.

What PAT Labels do we stock?

We have a vast selection of PAT labels on our website, which are made of Duragrip – an innovative material that consists of an extremely aggressive adhesive, which is proven to be long-lasting. They are often available in a range of colours, including green, blue, purple and black, and they can usually be customised with your company details. Our PAT sticker range includes tuff tags, those for cable wrap, visual inspection PAT labels, pass and failed test labels, those with barcodes, and more. Whatever your purpose, we are sure to have a PAT label to suit your requirements.

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