Here at PAT Labels Online, we provide our customers with a wide choice of labels and stickers, and this variety means that you are sure to find just what you need in our standard range. As part of this range, we offer customers a huge choice of asset labels. Today we’re going to focus on this range of labels,

Asset Labels

Asset labels are a type of sticker that works to identify any assets using ID tags. This enables your company to keep organised and keep track of various aspects of the business’ equipment. Information about your assets included on such tables and tags could include information about maintenance or location.  Being able to have instant access to this information about your equipment can also be a good deterrent against thefts or unauthorised movement of equipment, as everything is fully traceable. It is sure to increase the accuracy of your equipment count, so you know exactly how much equipment you have and know exactly where to locate it.

Asset Labels at PAT Labels Online

Here at PAT Labels Online, our current range of asset labels and tags is available from £3.95 through to £27.95 (ex. VAT). Your price per label will also depend on the products you purchase, the quantity and your budget. We offer asset stickers that have both barcodes and identifying numbers, or just identifying numbers if you currently aren’t looking to use scanner technology. This is what makes asset labels so useful as they provide so much more than stickers, but a whole system.

Customised Asset Labels

As well as our standard set of asset labels, you can also customise your asset ID tags. Typically, customisation will include details such as your company logo, name and colours, offering a clear visual identifier that equipment belongs to your company. Additionally, you could choose to include contact numbers, website addresses and emails on the labels. This is particularly useful for cases when an item is mislaid, so you can arrange its return. Our premium asset tags are available in a choice of colours. You can opt for a simple black and white label, or coloured labels in red, green, or blue. Heavy-duty, tough asset labels, we also offer satin silver polyester asset labels, as well as cheap budget options. 

Contact Us

To find out more about our range of asset labels, please get in touch with us by completing our web contact form, or email us at Alternatively, you can speak to us directly by calling 01325 525 675. A member of our staff will be pleased to assist you with any questions you may have for us.

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