PAT Labels

Ordering a supply of Pat Labels from Pat Labels Online couldn’t be simpler – just fill out the order form on our main website, making sure you check the type and format of your selected stickers are correct.  Then there’s nothing to do, but wait for your new Pat Test Tags to turn up at your door.  Early birds who order before 2pm can benefit from our same day dispatch service too, saving you time when you have several urgent PAT inspections to carry out.

Designed mainly for inspectors who may be a competent member of staff at a company or a freelance PAT tester, our current range of Pat Stickers have a solution for just about every situation you may encounter as you check portable appliances in a workplace environment.  From cable wrap Pat Testing labels you can use when a device has no convenient space for a regular PAT testing sticker, to barcode Pat Testing labels which facilitate electronic test schedule management, there’s a Pat Label for every item.  Maybe spotting and recording rare types of Pat Test Passed labels will become a popular hobby like train and bird spotting once did?

Joking aside though, while the PAT inspection process has become so much part of the routine for many businesses as to render it mundane, the fact is that it’s still a very important safety measure which is taken for very real reasons, and one which yields very tangible results.  We have written here before about how the UK is one of the safest industrialized countries work in, a fact which has not come about by chance, nor one that has happened overnight.  Constant vigilance by bodies in both the public and private sectors, has promoted health and safety culture to the point where many highly effective safety measures are things we just do, day-in and day-out, without ever really thinking about them.  A bit like putting on your seatbelt when you get in the car.  If one time you forgot, you would get that uncomfortable feeling of something being out of place, until you realised your mistake.

It’s like that with PAT testing.  The reason we supply big, boldly lettered, brightly coloured Passed Pat Test labels is to reassure users of office and industrial equipment that their interests are being taken care of.  If one day you’re using a machine at work, you may get an uncomfortable feeling but be unable to put your finger on just why. Then you realise: the appliance does not have a Pat test sticker, or the date on the tag you noticed out of the corner of your eye is out of date.  The beauty of Pat Test Pass labels is that they make safety and almost subconscious process.

From the most basic Pat Testing Labels for routine visual inspections, right through to custom-designed personalised Pat Testing labels, PAT Labels Online have you covered for portable appliance testing stationary.  Get in touch with us for more information on any of our products.

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