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Whatever the hazard, be sure that you have marked it and communicated it as clearly as possible, with our range of health and safety labels.

As an owner or manager of a commercial space or business environment, there are a number of different hazards that you have a responsibility to protect your employees or visitors from. Many initially jump to the obvious hazards – complicated electrical wiring, building construction work with a risk of falling debris, or open holes in the floor that someone could fall down. There are, however, many other dangerous risks that should be clearly communicated in order to properly comply with health and safety measures and laws in the UK.

Here at PAT Labels Online, we have an extensive range of health & safety labels for sale on our website that can help you in doing just that. Today, we will be taking a look at the range of warning labels we offer, how they are designed to ensure your message is sent loud and clear, and why they are so crucial to have present on your premises.

Health and safety stickers: why are they necessary?

Failing to establish the proper health and safety measures can have multiple repercussions. The most pressing consequence is the jeopardized health of the employees and visitors present in your work environment. This can range from painful falls, to fatal accidents in the worst-case scenario. Failing to set up the necessary measures may also put you at fault in line with the UK’s health and safety laws and policies, making you culpable for not properly safeguarding your property or business.

While warning labels should be used complementary to other measures, they are an extremely effective and simple way of communicating your message clearly to keep people safe.

Our extensive range of health and safety signage

We have a wide variety of stickers stocked on our website, for communicating a number of different messages. For instance, the flammable labels tell passers-by immediately that the material or liquid they are handling or close by to has a risk of flammability. The strong colours of red, white, and black all contrast effectively to make a label that really stands out, making it hard to miss even by distracted members of staff busy at work.

Demarcating drinking from non-drinking water is another extremely important hazard to communicate. While it may not seem an initially important risk, drinking non-drinking water can make an individual very sick, and is thus a crucial responsibility as an employer or building owner. The green colour of the drinking water sign conveys a message of approval and suitability, whereas the not drinking water label in red, white, and black signals a message of danger.

These labels are available in a range of different sizes, suitable to your individual needs. Their strong material is self-adhesive and non-rip, making for a highly durable and long-lasting label.

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