PAT Test Labels

Portable Appliance Testing, otherwise known as PAT Testing, is often something our customers want to know more about. After reading this post, we want all readers to have a full understanding of PAT, so you know how to correctly use PAT Testing Labels. Labels and tags are an important part of maintaining the safety of electrical goods, with their use anyone using a portable electrical item will have clear, visual reassurance of the integrity and safety of use. This is important in workplaces like staffrooms or professional kitchens, to protect businesses and employees from any onsite electrical injuries.

So, what happens during a PAT, and what needs to be examined? Although there are no specific guidelines of appliances that require checks and maintenance, it is commonly considered that any portable electrical appliance that plugs into a wall for power needs to be checked. Businesses can hire a knowledgeable electrician or get a competent person who knows the requirements of PAT. There are no legal requirements for who can perform the assessment.

PAT’s series of inspections on electrical equipment to check the safety of use are divided into three categories: Documentation, Visual Inspection & Testing. Each category needs to be completed correctly to ensure safety.

Documentation – A series of documents are required to know that you have met all the criteria to complete this category. First, a list of all registered electrical appliances in use within a company is needed to get started. This register will provide all up-to-date information and help understand what needs assessment. Also required is an inspection and test form and the Faulty Equipment and Repair Register.

Visual Inspection – Every appliance will need to be visually checked to make sure there is no damage or issues that could physically hurt someone with use. Usually, a checklist is followed to ensure a thorough inspection.

Testing – Assessments can be performed with a series of equipment and broken down into two ways which are: a dedicated PAT tester or separate testing equipment. Other things included that need to be assessed are the earth continuity, insulation resistance and whether the electric appliance functioning as it should.

Once completed, it is standard practice to attach a label specifically detailing the final PAT status. This will offer a visual guarantee of safety for anyone using the appliance, but also useful information for future inspections. There is not necessarily a one size fits all approach to labels, they will need to be suitable for the use of each appliance. We offer a great range to choose from, including Barcode PAT Labels, Cable Wrap PAT Labels, PAT Stickers and PAT Tuff Tags.

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