Whether you own a residential property, an industrial site or a commercial property, you need to remember to have a regular gas servicing visit. This is where a qualified gas engineer visits the property to inspect the gas appliances on site. In normal circumstances, this is something that should happen once a year. However, many property owners could find it tempting to skip a year, perhaps viewing it as an unnecessary cost or inconvenience. It could be especially tempting to not bother if you know that the equipment was only installed in the last few years, or if it all looks in good condition when you cast your eye over it.

The reality, however, is that regular gas servicing is very important. In fact, skipping gas servicing could be a costly decision.  Why is this?  What makes it such an important and useful part of your annual maintenance routine? There are three main reasons why you should never skip getting your property inspected.

Firstly, there is the safety issue. This is really the most important reason to get a regular inspection. Even relatively new equipment could become damaged or develop a fault. After all, if a manufacturer is making thousands of a particular product, whether it is a boiler, a cooker or a fire, eventually one will be made with a faulty or badly fitted part. Equally, the damage could occur in your property, or the unit could have been poorly installed. The risk is that gas could be escaping. Carbon monoxide is a particular risk – not only can this kill, but it is also colourless, odourless and tasteless, so you would not even know if it is being released into the property. An inspection will make sure that there are no faults.

Secondly, there could be legal implications. This depends on your property – if you own your own home, there is no law requiring you to have a regular inspection. But if you rent a property or you use it for commercial purposes, you need to comply with regulations that require an annual gas service. Failing to do this could leave you in a tricky position if something goes wrong.

Thirdly, servicing could save you money. One of the things that can be tested is that it is running well. If there is a fault in the appliance, even one which is not letting carbon monoxide out, you could be paying much more to operate an inefficient piece of equipment than necessary.

Now you know the importance of gas servicing, you won’t want to skip it. But how can you make sure you don’t simply forget? The best option is to use gas appliance installation labels. These are safety stickers which are used to identify the condition of appliances. For example, gas servicing labels are used to mark which appliances have been tested and when they are due again. Gas safe labels are used to indicate either that an appliance is safe to use, or that it should be avoided – for example, because it is unsafe to use. You could also put gas control valve stickers on, as well as a label for emergency control.

For the best range of gas service labels and other safety stickers, visit PAT Labels Online, where you will find all the options that you need.

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