Personalised PAT Labels

At PAT Labels Online, we provide our customers with a wide choice of labels for a range of applications to all those across the UK. Our products offer a great balance between value and high quality, and available to dispatch within 24hours of your order being received. Here we will focus on our range of personalised labels.

What are Personalised PAT Labels?

  • PAT Labels

PAT stands for Portable Appliance Testing, and these labels are a great tool for electricians to indicate that an electrical appliance has been evaluated as safe to use. When an appliance has been tested and is safe to use, it can be labelled as ‘passed’. A majority of these items are used for this purpose, but it is also important to use alternate wording as warnings to other workers when this is not the case. You may need to use a ‘failed’ label that clearly displays ‘do not use’ along with other relevant information. PAT testing stickers can be directly affixed to the appliance, as well as attached as a cable wrap.

  • Personalised PAT Labels

At PAT Labels, as is our speciality, we provide personalised PAT testing stickers. These custom printed labels can be pre-printed with any details you like in order to suit your organisation or business. Although details can be filled in with marker pens, this way you can save time on the job. Our range of personalised labels enables you to have complete control over every aspect of your label design. Whether you want to incorporate elements of our standard stickers and add your name or company name, or you want to create a unique design to distinguish your property and work with this personal touch when working on different sites, with a personalised label, you can make sure your signage does exactly what you need it to do.

Reasons for Purchasing Personalised PAT Labels

There are a variety of reasons why you may want to purchase PAT personalised labels for your company’s electrical safety management. Custom labels are useful if you need additional data fields from those supplied on the standard designs. PAT testing stickers can also form part of a custom colour coding system, to help at-a-glance recognition, speeding up your processes. Personalised stickers can also help your company stand out from the crowd, with your company name and logo creating a strong association with professionalism, building your brand recognition for all who see your personalised stickers.

Personalised PAT Labels at PAT Labels Online

Our custom appliance labels come in a range of designs, and are also available in cable wrap and asset tuff tag formats. Standard colours for ‘passed’ PAT labels include green, blue, purple and black, as well as the option for a silver sheen. Failed label designs are available in red for high alert. Personalised PAT labels can be produced in full colour using your logo and custom design, made using a durable, eco-friendly non-rip matt polypropylene material, which undergoes an extensive process of quality control.  We dispatch all orders we receive within 24 hours and offer same-day dispatch on all orders made before 2pm. With our free and fast delivery across the UK, you can be sure that you will receive your order as soon as you need it.

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