PAT Test Labels

Demonstrate your commitment to the health and safety of your staff by initiating a Portable Appliance Testing routine using PAT testing labels supplied by PAT Labels Online.

Passed PAT test labels are a good way to instil confidence in visitors to your premises that all the electronic equipment they come into contact with is safe and has been inspected.  We can supply suitable PAT test tags for all kinds of appliances, including barcode and cable wrap PAT testing labels.  Barcode PAT testing labels are ideal for companies with large numbers of electronic devices, as they can be used to track the movement and use of such throughout your premises.  This dovetails nicely with our asset management label service, please contact us to find out more.

Many of our customers use cable wrap PAT test labels to tag devices which do not have flat surfaces for the application of traditional PAT stickers.  By attaching to the power flex of mains powered appliances, cable wrap PAT testing labels provide an attractive and unobtrusive way to affix PAT labels to all kinds of machinery.

PAT Test Pass Labels

Some of our stickers are designed to publicize the safety of all office equipment.  These are PAT test passed labels which are bright and bold, to reassure all your visitors that the apparatus is safe.  Of course, keeping a stock of failed PAT test labels is important for thee safety of all when an article doesn’t make the grade.  Failed PAT test tags are not intended to embarrass anyone on convey negative sentiment, they are simply there to warn that a fault has been found and is in the process of being rectified.

To that end, some appliances require only a quick once-over now and again to make sure nothing is impeding their function, and for such items visual inspection PAT labels can come in handy.  PAT testing visual inspection labels are not the same as PAT test pass labels, as they do not cover all aspects of operation of the device.  However, they are still useful for proving that attention has recently been given to the condition of the implement just as any PAT label would be.

Barcode PAT Testing Labels

These are PAT testing labels with unique barcodes printed on each, which can help you administrate your testing schedule.  While most PAT test tags carry only basic information such as the date of the inspection and the initials of the inspector, PAT stickers with barcodes make scheduling PAT testing sessions a doddle, so that none of your PAT labels expire without being promptly replaced.  If the item’s condition has been compromised, a failed PAT test tag can be used to warn your staff while the result is recorded on the database and repairs are arranged.

Thanks to the protection afforded by PAT test labels UK safety standards in workplace environments continue to rank very highly.  For all PAT testing stickers labels should be respected and frequently updated.  Contact us for more help with your PAT labelling routine.

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