Heavy-Duty Asset Labels

From earth moving vehicles to work boots, there are thousands of products which are marketed as ‘Heavy duty’, and they all have one thing in common: they are designed and manufactured to survive and function under the harshest of conditions.  Heavy duty asset labels from PAT Labels Online are no exception.  While the function of an adhesive label is essentially a simple one, it can cause complications if a label is damaged or lost.  For example, have you ever realised that the registration plate on your vehicle is damaged and unreadable?  It won’t take long before you are stopped and asked to repair it!  Individuals, companies and organizations depend on tags and labels on all kinds of products on a daily basis, to identify items and supply other important information.  If your company operates in the outdoors or any other demanding environment, you’ll be glad that heavy duty labels for equipment used in these environments are readily available from PAT Labels Online.

Asset labels are a recent trend, and have proved invaluable for companies which retain a lot of appliances and equipment, be that industry-specific production machinery, or more mundane items like laptops and office vacuum cleaners.  Stickers which assign a unique identifying number to each device make PAT testing and maintenance schedules a breeze to keep on top of, and mean that it’s easy to repair faulty products in an efficient manner.  But this procedure is only as sound as the stationary which makes it possible, and a single damaged Id label on a piece of equipment can put you back to square one when it comes to keeping track of your assets.

For this reason, we have decided to our asset labels available in the same format as the other heavy duty adhesive labels available on our website.  These semi-rigid, high-temperature polyester heavy duty stickers have been extensively tested in hot, cold and wet environments by our customers, with excellent results.  They have been subjected to shocks and impacts, and have remained completely legible and firmly affixed to the mounting surface, thanks to our strongest permanent adhesive.  Critically, our heavy duty barcode labels still work with scanning equipment, even after extended periods of use and frequent handling.  Just wipe clean the smooth surface and you’re good to go.

One of the features which sets PAT Labels Online apart is the range of options we offer when you order your new labels, stickers and signs.  Aside from heavy duty labels in a range of colours and sizes, you can specify different text and finishes, and shapes for specific purposes such as cable wrap tags.  Specifying barcode equipped labels is a popular option for asset labels, as it offers the option of interfacing directly with an asset database.  And with our customisation service, we can produce heavy duty tags with your company name, logo, or whatever other information you want.  To explore the possibilities, of if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our team today.

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