As mains gas is one of the most common types of power used across the nation for domestic and industrial heating and cooking purposes, maintaining the equipment associated with this fuel in a safe condition is a priority.  The gas mains infrastructure which distributes the fuel throughout our towns and cities is the responsibility of a national company contracted by the government to undertake the associated maintenance.  But once the gas supply pipes enter your property, they become your responsibility.

No one wants to find out the hard way that gas can be both poisonous and explosive, so keeping up with gas system repairs is critical.  Indeed, the government recognizes that the consequences of inadequate maintenance could be so serious, that they impose strict limits on who can perform it.  Registered engineers (see below) can install, fit and maintain gas appliances and the associated connections, and must provide appropriate documentation of their work, including gas appliance labels.

When gas appliances are supplied from the manufacturer, they are often affixed with important gas safety labels which are there to provide vital information about the operation of the product.  Topics covered may include using the device for its stated purpose, and not blocking vents.  These manufacturer’s gas safety labels are available by the hundred from PAT Labels Online.

What the manufacturer can’t do, however, is monitor the condition of the appliance as it is used over the months and years, and provide support over and above that which is requested by the customer under the terms of the warranty.  It is up to each business owner, landlord or homeowner to keep their gas devices in good repair and call in an engineer to perform inspections and maintenance.

When the engineer fits your appliance, they can use one of our gas appliance installation labels to record the event.  Most gas installers will also offer an ongoing service agreement to visit your property periodically.  When they come, they will check the appliance and update your gas appliance service record labels to show that all inspections are up to date.  In the unlikely event of a problem, they can make use of a gas warning label to secure the appliance until repairs can be made.

A Note On ‘Gas Safe’ Labels

Sometimes our customers ask us about what they refer to as Gas Safe Stickers.  ‘Gas Safe’ is actually a government scheme to register engineers who are qualified to work on domestic and commercial gas supplies and appliances, and monitor their compliance with safety protocols and standards of workmanship.  This being the case, there are actually no such things as ‘Gas Safe Labels’, or if there were they would be produced by the Gas Safe Register, the body charged by the government with administering the scheme, rather than a commercial company like us.  The labels described above are all produced for the purpose of promoting safety around gas appliances, and Gas Safe Registered engineers will likely be fully familiar with the and the information they contain.  On this basis, they might be considered to be ‘Gas Safe Warning Labels’.

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