Of all the hazards which may be present in a work environment, the possibility of fire is the one which always seems to be at the back of everyone’s mind.  Fires can break out in any type of building – a factory, office, shop, or even in our own homes – and may spread quickly.  While there are other types of accidents which may be more common – falls being a notable example – these tend to be isolated incidents which are momentary in nature.  What makes fire so frightening is that, once a conflagration becomes established, it will usually continue to cause destruction and endanger life until it is stopped.  For this reason, a large proportion of the mandatory health and safety equipment and signage in public buildings and workplaces is focused on the prevention and control of fire.

The fire safety signs we produce at PAT Labels Online fall into two broad categories.  The first is general signage for fire measures.  The second specifically relate to fire extinguishers, which are a tried and tested way of stopping fires from spreading, and are required by law in most types of buildings.  To comply with the regulations, all the correct fire extinguisher stickers must be in place.

General Fire Safety Labels

Anti-fire measures take various forms, and clear fire safety labels are needed is personnel are to be able to find the resource they need in an emergency.  Here are some of the measures which are commonly found and the fire safety stickers we supply for them:

Fire meeting points should be clearly marked by signs like this or this.

Fire extinguisher points should display this sign.

Fire hose reels must also be clearly marked, so they can be found quickly in an emergency.

Fire alarms must be inspected regularly, and the results of the test should be recorded.  Under no circumstances should mains powered systems be disconnected.

Fire doors are only effective if they are kept closed.  This label warns personnel against leaving them open.

Besides the above, we stock a wide range of labels for flammable substances and GHS Regulation warning labels for transport.

Fire Extinguisher Labels

Fire extinguishers are a powerful tool in fighting most types of blaze, and their installation and maintenance is tightly regulated to ensure that they can be used to best advantage in all circumstances.  Besides requiring the presence of extinguishers and training for operators, the law also says the appliances must be frequently inspected and serviced, and that this work must be recorded.

To that end, we produce fire extinguisher maintenance labels which have spaces for the details of all maintenance work to be recorded.  Most of our fire extinguisher inspection labels are personalised so that a fire safety company can display their contact details for when the next inspection is due.  Some, like these fire extinguisher service labels, can be printed up in full colour.

To find out more about fire safety labels from PAT Labels Online, or to ask about other types of warning labels, contact us online or call 01325 525 675.

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