Here at PAT Labels Online, we offer our customers an extensive choice of labels for a range of purposes to all those across the UK, providing quality labels at an affordable price. Available for dispatching within 24 hours of your order being received, part of our range includes electrical safety labels.

Whatever the workplace, the provision of accurate health and safety information for your staff and visitors can potentially decrease the risk of accidents in the workplace, and even save lives. Our range of electrical safety labels exists in many forms: voltage safety labels, connection labels, wiring safety stickers, lockout labels, prohibition health and safety stickers or GHS regulation labels.  Each type of label can help when handling specific equipment or for use within a specific part of your work area.

Voltage Labels

One of the most obvious labels required when working with electrical equipment is our range of voltage labels. It may be important to take caution in areas of high voltage, where there could be a risk of electric shock. Voltage labels can be used to specify the level of voltage and signal any potentially hazardous areas.

Cable and Wiring Labels

When it comes to cables, you’ll also need some labels. When workers are completing cable and wiring jobs, you may need to warn others, about wiring colours that have two different versions of BS761. Additionally, you may need to warn about fibre optic cables, electrical data cables, as well as a solar PV warning for DC cables.

Lockout Labels

Most electrical safety labels come in bright yellow for warning, including lockout labels. However, we also stock red lockout labels that warn users not to use the equipment, including one that specifically states not to touch the valve when locked out. We also include blue lockout labels to inform and remind workers to lock out the equipment before working on it. This is especially important if, as one label highlights, that disconnecting the item doesn’t remove all the power from the panel. Whether a reminder to lockout electrical switches before working with equipment, or ensuring all power sources are isolated and locked out, these signs can help to prevent accidents, injury, or fines for incorrect practice.

Other Warning Labels

There are many reasons why you may need to use a warning label, and we have an extensive range to suit all the usual requirements for electrical safety. Using text and images, these electrical safety labels are easy to understand by anyone and form a vital part of the workplace and its health and safety systems.

Our Electrical Safety Labels

Our electrical safety labels come in various sizes, enabling them to be clearly identified from any distance. They are available in a variety of colours and designs, which depends on their purpose, including red and white, yellow, orange or blue and white. These labels ensure that workers can quickly see whether it is a hazard warning or an indicator that PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) should be worn. The cost of these electrical safety labels begins at £6.95 (ex. VAT), and the quantities available can be altered to suit your requirements and budget, from 6 labels to 500 labels, depending on the product. They are made highly durable and tear resistant plastic with ultra strong permanent adhesive, which makes them excellent for both indoor and outdoor use.

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