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Many homes have been tragically affected by the recent floods across the UK, so it is important to know how to deal with electrical systems and appliances during this time as it can be extremely dangerous if not done correctly.

To keep yourself safe we have put together this guide to prevent the risk of an electrical  injury after a flood.

Electrical Safety Do’s and Don’ts After Floods

Here are some general rules to keep you safe when entering your house after a flood.


  • Get your house checked by an electrician before entering it after a flood, this is so they can declare it is safe to enter and assess all electrical equipment to see what needs repairing.
  • Get all appliances tested for water damage before use (fitted kitchen appliances should also be tested before use).
  • Electric sockets, plugs and switches will all need to be replaced if they have been affected by the flood. Always ask for them to be re-installed in a higher position if possible, this way if a flood happens again in future there is less chance of them being damaged.


  • Touch any appliances, switches, plugs unless you have been told it is safe by an electrician.
  • Go near any left over flood water as it might be contaminated.
  • Come in to contact with any power cords or open wire.
  • Try to move objects unless you know the house is completely safe.
  • Start repairing anything in your home without clearance from a professional.

 Fire Hazards

All electricals can cause a fire hazard, especially when damaged by a flood and other contaminants in the dirty water.

Always make sure the fuse box is turned off after a flood and use a torch to guide you into a building, never use a candle.

Also ensure the gas connections is switched off before entering a home as this is another major fire hazard.

General Flood Safety Advice

  • Always wear rubber boots, gloves and goggles when cleaning up after a flood.
  • Bin any items that can’t be fully cleaned after a flood such as: mattresses, carpet, furniture, dry wall. This is because all of this sort of material can grow mold which will happen once it has become damp, even if you leave it to dry out, so always discard any items like this.
  • Use antibacterial bleach cleaning products to fully clean any surfaces, floor, fixtures etc.
  • Never touch or use any of the flood water for any reason as it may be contaminated.

To find a fully qualified electrician, contact the Electrical Safety Council.

In the event of a flood call the national flood line on: 0845 988 1188

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